Adam Scott Miller was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA during a blizzard at 3am on March 9, 1984. His birth and childhood development was on “God’s Longitude” at the 77° W, as defined by the Elizabethan genius John Dee. Born and raised in central Pennsylvania, he was nurtured by family and teachers to pursue his most definitive gift. Since childhood, his path as an artist was clear, as he spent great spans of time in concentration rendering his imagination into existence on paper.

As a teenager, he experienced a life-altering series of events that shaped his path forward. One of these events, was the adversity of a head-concussion which affected his memory, vision, and other faculties. As he healed and collected himself, he recognized this injury as a gift, as a curse could also be a blessing. This event along a string of others, gave him a distance from life as he knew it and allowed him to acquire a special new perspective. He felt this point in his life that he recognized his life purpose and began seriously actualizing his own self-realization towards being an innovative and masterful visionary artist.

Although [in his own opinion] he is mostly self-taught, he has an education from two of the USA’s top art schools: a BFA in Illustration from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and a Master of Fine Arts in Painting from the Massachusetts College of Art and the Fine Arts Work Center. In addition to specializing in painting and illustration, he has developed a repertoire of digital skills. He developed a technical artistic process and technique of renown~ known as the “ASMethod”, which he teaches in his workshops. As a visionary art teacher, he has taught several fully-booked workshops and is part of the faculty at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art. As a Master of the Fine Arts, he is fully accredited to teach at the undergraduate and graduate levels of art education. As a live-painting visionary artist and presenter, he has been featured at the prominent art and music festivals of Boom, CoSM, Rainbow Serpent, Symbiosis, Earth Frequency (“resident visionary artist”), among others.

After a couple years of involvement with galleries and festivals~ In 2010, he moved from America to the ancient rainforest of far-northeast Queensland, Australia where he has since lived and works as a studio artist and mentor. He married in 2013 and later that year had his daughter Maia Lily. In 2014, the marriage dissolved and since~ he has co-parented 50% of his time as a devoted and doting father.

From 2017-2020, ASM had a plethora of extreme challenges in his life that interrupted his career. The primary difficulty was his mother’s two-year battle with terminal cancer. He helped his mother as much as he could, whether in-person in America or long-distance in Australia. As of this writing, September 2020, he is returning whole-heartedly to his life’s work as a visionary artist of paramount caliber. He sees the last several years as a long “dark night of the soul” which he has traversed and begun reaping the rewards of what comes with maturity.

His artwork has been praised for its refined craftsmanship and elegant envisioning of his perceptions – drawn from discovering the majestic beauty of the environments around and within us. He researches his subjects thoroughly to inform the levels of symbolism and imaginal realism in his artwork. This versatile artist is acclaimed for his oil paintings, digital paintings, video animations, public speaking, teaching, and performances as a live-painter.