An acute and lifelong visionary artist, ASM has intensively pursued ways of discovering and translating mystical insight into visual art.

Knowing Visionary Art to be his path – and that world-changing revelations could be communicated through the visionary method – he chose the path of heArt. This road less traveled has since become a lifelong adventure of limitless growth and dilating creativity.

During his creative evolution, he has explored various schools of thought and consciousness-development, combining these with profound personal experiences into his own unique vision as an artist. Throughout his artistic development, ASM has learned a vast array of principles for how we see optically, perceptually and spiritually. Uniquely, he has developed a very particular technique of creating ‘drawing/paintings’ in the “ASMethod” – an approach that combines many of his techniques into a process that is both efficiently precise and limitlessly inspirational.

“My images are artifacts derived from exploring the relationships between personal profound experience, empathy into the depth of the human condition, and researched insight into our world and the significant meaning to be found. Making images is my tool for discovery, and a by-product of the experience of my consciousness. This creative work is how I process and integrate my perceptions of the world – into new ways of seeing, and new insights for living,” he says. And he adds:

“I attempt to point to the ‘numinous’, which is characterized by the quintessential qualities of the sacred: mystery, awe, fascination, satisfaction, and inspiration.  In my view, art serves as a reflection of our context, and achieves its maximum potential when it acts deliberately to improve and benefit the whole. This is the intent I create with, and I hope that my work, in some way, benefits you.”

He has explored a vast gamut of technique, process, and concept over his career. While having mastered much of artistic capacity~ he continuously experiments to expand his repertoire as an original innovator in his field, and to challenge himself to the limit of what he believes he’s capable of achieving. Recently, he focuses on visionary realism that combines photo-realism with a surrealistic, imaginal energy and structure.