Do you have a beloved photograph or a signficant vision that would enhance your life?

Adam is more than capable of photo-realistic oil paintings and also able to realize your visions that you would love to be realized.

Commission fees are 50% up-front, and the remaining 50% transfered upon completion of the artwork.

Adam believes the most honest way to price and artwork~ is based on size and time-effort/hours. Other factors effect the commission fee also~ such as Adam’s creative license.

CONTACT ADAM to setup the creation of your commission~ details pertaining to the painting itself and price negotiation.

OIL PAINTING EXAMPLES (prices are negotiable around the level of detail and artistic freedom):

12 x 9″: 1,800 USD

14 x 11: 2,500 USD

12 x 16″: 3,500 USD

16 x 20″: 6,500

24 x 18″: 9,000 USD

30 x 24″: 15,000 USD

DIGITAL PAINTING: 700 – 1400, price is negotiable based on artistic freedom and complexity.

These 3 oil paintings were commissions:

‘Oceanic’, Oil painting on 40 x 30″ canvas.
‘Streaming Falls’, Oil painting on 24 x 16″ canvas.
‘Lakeview’, Oil painting on 24 x 30″ canvas.