A Visionary Art in Paradise Workshop
with Adam Scott Miller (USA), accredited Master of Fine Arts, visionary artist and teacher at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art.

Transmutation: alchemical transformation of an evolving energy into another form.
The workshop of Transmutative Art is an intensive laboratory of visionary intention; for you- as magician, to wield the elements of art as tools of transmutation.
For artists of all levels of experience: bring forth what is within as an agent of change!

7 days of profound play, focused fun, and catalyzed creativity…..
Organic vegetarian meals & accommodation provided, amongst awe-inspiring beauty.
We will explore the most significant skills of image-making
learned by ASM in his 17 years as a full-time mystic artist.
This art-intensive is open to all skill levels, but requires dedication.
Each artist will be given ample attention for their own interests.

Bookings & Inquiries: visionASM@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/ArtinParadise11
Contact Adam: visionASM@gmail.com

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