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November 2020 UPDATE:

Newest work: 40 x 30″ oil painting, ‘ Oceanic ‘, 24 x 30″ oil painting, ‘Lakeview’, and 24 x 16″ oil painting ‘Streaming Falls’

May 2020 Update is currently under development. Adam had not been professionally active since May 2018:

” I had taken a big step back from nearly all of my social engagement… when my Mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. I had dedicated much of my attention to helping her however I could. Last November, she bravely left her physical body for the next part of her journey. Now, I am giving my attention to creating artworks that I consider among my best work and “wow’s” me in either beauty, concept, or technical aptitude. “


Here are the two completed paintings during his leave. ” Sentient Compass ‘ is a digital painting and Guardian of the Gate ‘ is an oil painting.